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Oh No my PC broke down AGAIN?

この前 全部直したはずなのに?  また  My PCが故障だ?。 勘弁してよー。 便利だけど 不便な物だよねー。

明日は、 My CARの修理だしー。

予想外 出費続出な今月です。 とほほ。

でも故障していた 私の足は、急速に回復してます。 そろそろ 海行くベー。
(大変 お騒がせしました。)

Da single fin

Da fin
I don't remember when I made it. 5,6,or 7years ago?
Anyway I made da fin long time ago when I had plenty time with no money.
I was so curious for any surf designs that I couldn't stop myself... lol

First I went to City Mill to get a scrap of wood ( only 50cents )
Then shaped it and glassed it at old T&C factory by using all junk cloth etc. (free)

It made me think a lot to design it.
and guess what it worked sooo good as a huge retro single fin.

I had so much fun for making & riding it. I learned a big fin sometimes makes the board loose.
Yup It's funny to say but the big fin can lead the direction easily without pushing the board.
Make sanse? You'll never know until you actually try it.

So what's next?

Home > 2009年09月10日

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